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PA Church

Church in Somerset County, PA

Somerset County, PA
Photo Date: 1970


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  1. tiffany Nov 18th 2011

    This is a lovely little church! Would you happen to know the name of it or where?
    thank you!

  2. Galen Miller Mar 5th 2014

    Hi! I’m working with a local historical society in Somerset County, PA,. We have a large collection of slides of Somerset County churches taken in the mid 1960s. Most are identified, a few are not. We also have a picture of this church, but have no idea where it is. Do you know the name of it, or where it is (or was?) Thanks!

  3. Admin Mar 5th 2014

    Unfortunately the only thing he wrote on this slide was “church-somerset-county”.. Maybe someone else can help us identify this church.. Usually when he took photos of churches it was on his way to a covered bridge, but I know he traveled around Somerset county a lot, so it’s hard to tell where this church is located.. Can anyone help?

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