Westmoreland County, PA

Photos from Westmoreland County PA. Mostly of Greensburg, but there are others included in here. Some of these photos were copied from other photos but the majority of the photos are his.


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  1. Thank you for the wonderful archive of old Greensburg pa 15601 pics I was looking fro 1980-1988 pics of downtown greensburg and greengate Mall ? the oics you had were mostly 1970’s pics but Thanks. I moved up to Greensburg in may of 1979 I was 7 years old and a resisdent of concord ave on the N side of city

  2. Dennis Aug 19th 2010

    Great Site!

    If you ever come across photos taken from ground level of the Old German Cemetery or Kinderhook Park that was on South Main Street in Greensburg, PA. drop me a line…..Once again, grea site.

  3. Ron Pratt Nov 10th 2010

    Do you have any the earler pictures of main street that shows Penneys and Weber Furniture?

  4. Brenda Jun 13th 2011

    Hey Ron Pratt,
    There’s a picture of Main street showing Weber Furniture here:

  5. Hello,
    There was a old grocery store on RT. 30 in Greensburg. It use to sit at the light where the RT. 66 toll booth is to the right (going west on 30.) You can still see the enter and exit road where it stood. And I for the life of me can’t remember the name of the store. My mother and I have been bickering over if the store really was there or not. If you have any information on this or even a photo I would be truly grateful.

    Thank you.

  6. Kat…if it’s the location you are describing, I think it was Jeannette Importing that was there. Now, maybe you can help me remember something. In the pictures there are some that are labeled as the Troutman collapse but it doesn’t look like Troutman’s. It looks like the building that was on the corner directly across from G. C. Murphy but I cannot for the life of me remember what the store was. The only thing major I remember about the Troutman building was the fire they had.

  7. Kat, never mind, I looked at the pictures again, it was the Meyer’s building, that’s where the collapse was. I remember when they removed the top floors from the building.

  8. R. Westberry Aug 8th 2012

    I have a postcard with a picture of the Olde Stone Inn whenever it was owned by my wife’s great grandfather, William H. Sowash. It lwas a hotel and restaurannt at the time. I believe that he owned it in the 1930s. Bob

  9. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any old pictures of the army reserve in greensburg…I saw the national guard armory one though. Very cool picture and very cool gallery.

  10. chris D Feb 22nd 2013

    ANy pictures of Blue spruce pool? murrysville from when it was first built till 1990’s?? they are rebuilding the site right now with shoppes. curious as the transformation in 50’s till now.

  11. Any idea where I can find a picture of the Fifth Ward school which used to stand at the corner of Spring and Grove Streets in Greensburg? I would appreciate any help. Thank you!

  12. james dranzik Sep 14th 2014

    any body have a good pic of coulter school in haydenville ? if so i would like to have a copy of it …

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