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Ralph Joslin Farms Vermont, 1973

Ralph Joslin Farms Vermont 1973

Ralph Farms
Waitsfield Vermont
Washington County, Vermont


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  1. Hello There,
    My name is Bill Cable. I am an architect who is interested in photography including pictures of round and polyagonal barns. I have been thoroughly enjoying the photographs in this collection: In my own album, I have a picture of this 16 sided barn in Waitsfield, Vermont before it was restored as you see it in this photograph. It is now a part of a Bed & Breakfast with the Barn being used for wedding receptions etc. If you visit and type my member name (heyburn3) in the search box, you can see my own album of round barns and other photos I have posted.

  2. Hello again,
    I was mistaken about the Waitsfield, Vermont “round barn”. It actually is a polyagonal barn that has twelve sides instead of the sixteen sides that I mentioned above.
    Bill Cable

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