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Pattons Barn Hudson Ohio- Summit County 1972

Pattons Barn Ohio 1972

Pattons barn
Hudson Summit County, Ohio
Darrow Road

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  1. Audrey Schlarb Van Dellen Apr 27th 2012

    Hello My grandparents, Harry Schlarb used to own this barn. My grandfather used it for many things as he was a fruit and vegetable farmer. He had a vegetable stand out on the main highway to sell his fruits and veggies. Grandmother made maple suger candies to sell also grandfather tapped local maple trees and sold maple syrup there. There was a huge old home they lived in. As far as I know the house and barn are still there. I spent many hours there. we had huge bonfires and roasted weenies. Grandpa also made apple butter when apples were ready and sold that at his stand. winter Our holiday dinners consisted of wild pheasants, wild rabbit sometimes with buckshot. every thing was ntural. The good old days I miss but remain great memories. I am 84 yrs old now and all of this happened during the depression. I am so happy to see this barn, back then it was one of a kind.I don’t know who actually built her.

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