Round Barns, Octagon Barn Photos

Round barns and octagon barns were also a favorite of my grandfather. He would again travel all over to take photos of them. He would also get things in the mail giving him tips of where the next barn was found. Since this was all done before the Internet it was a major task to find and located old barns and Octagon barns. But he managed. There will be more added to the list as time permits. We have barns from different states, and all different types of barns.

There are many different shapes on barns on this page.  He had photos of barns from many different states, and we wrote the information that was on the slide. Please keep in mind that road names have changed since some of these photos were taken, so the location may not be the same today as it was when he took the photo of the barn.  Also he usually would write the name of the barn as the name of the owner, which he found on the mailbox at the residence.

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