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McConnells Mill 1973

McConnells Mill

McConnells Mill
Lawrence County
May 1973


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  1. This photo is not of McConnell’s Mill. The mill in this photo is actually an old mill that has been converted into a house. It is located on Eastbrook Harlansburg Rd., Eastbrook, PA (Lawrence County). The structure is currently (2012) clad in blue siding.

  2. I can not say one way or another – I only wrote what he has listed on the slide. He was pretty accurate, but Like anyone he could have been mistaken.

  3. Brian David Jul 13th 2013

    Ryan is correct — I own the house in this picture (sitting next to the bottom left window in the pictue as I write this), and it is definitely not McConnell’s Mill (which is in a State Park by the same name about 10 miles south of here). There are several versions of this building’s history, one of which attributes it to a brother of the man who built McConnell’s Mill. The most likely history, however, has it built by a man named Henry Reynolds between 1823 and 1825.

    The state has actually funded a project to remove the dam, which is in disrepair. We expect there to be a natural waterfall behind it, based on the lay of the land, the history, and the unusual dam design.

    For the right price, this property is for sale. With a waterfall it could make a great inn or B&B. Or the right owner could perhaps stop the dam removal and restore it. Either effort would take funds we don’t have.

  4. Brian David Jul 14th 2013

    This is my house! And Ryan is correct. McConnell’s Mill is in a state park of the same name about 10 miles south of here (there’s one picture of it on the site; the one simply labeled “McConnell’s). One of the stories connected to our home is that it was built by a McConnell brother, but the most reliable history has it built between 1823-25 by a man named Henry Reynolds. The state is actually preparing plans to remove the dam, which is in disrepair. That should restore the natural waterfall that we think was originally here. For the right place, this house is for sale.

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