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Weimer Mill Maitland Mifflin County PA 1968

Weimer Mill

Weimer Mill
Mifflin County, PA

Please read the comments for more information on this mill.

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  1. David Weimer Jun 2nd 2010

    This should actually be Weimer’s Mill, which my father, Harry Weimer Jr., owned from 1939 to 1976. This is a side view which shows the overshot water wheel. This iron wheel was installed in 1911 and replaced two smaller wooden wheels. The water pipe coming from the front race and leading into the holding tank can be seen. Water flow from this tank was controlled from inside the mill by what looked to be a ship’s wheel. This mill was almost always powered by water. There is a supplemental power supply under the metal roof just to the right of the water wheel. I’m not sure what kind of engine it was, but it was only used during the lowest water conditions. This mill manufactured feed untill 1969. Then just retailed feed manufactured by Rhoads Mill in Selinsgrove untill 1976.
    It was sold to Harry Metz of Belleville in 1976, mainly for the broiler
    houses on the property. The mill was taken down in the late 1990’s and the 9.9 acre property has fallen into general disrepair.

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