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Greene County PA 1971

Red Brick One Room School in Greene County PA

Red Brick School
Greene County, PA


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  1. suzanna Inghram Hook Murphy Oct 12th 2010

    My grandmother, Jane Hook Scott went to a one room school on Smith Creek Road – Morgan Street becomes that road outside Wanesburg. This looks like that school. Do you know if it is. I saw it many times when I was a child and spent summers at her farm. Saturday (October 16th) I am going to try to see it again! This is the only picture I could find online that looks like it.

  2. I don’t recall seeing that school. But I have been away for many years. I am also looking for a school I went to approx. around 1954 in Waynesburg. It was a 2 room white wooden school. Off of Rt. 21. Across from the coal mines now. It is no longer there someone bought it and built a house around it. I am currious to know the name of the school. I anyone can help, please e-mail me.
    Thank You

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