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Site of 1st CCC camp

Site of 1st CCC camp

Site of 1st CCC camp
Indiana co PA

Explanation of the CCC is here:

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  1. This monument designates the first CCC camp in Pennsylvania that was devoted to soil conservation – SCS -1 The CCC boys worked on soil erosion control measures on farms, streams and roadsides.They also did extensive tree plantings and assisted in flood relief efforts after the 1936 St. Patrick’s Day flood, especially in Saltsburg, PA. The bronze plaque shown in the center of the monument no longer exists.

    Two other CCC camps were later built in Indiana County – one camp in Homer City near the location of the current Homer Center High School and a third camp near Shelocta, PA.

    The stone monument in the photo still exists as of 2011. It is located in a farm field along Tanoma Road on the Alan Kinter Farm, near the Kintersburg Covered Bridge. The field was the site of extensive camp buildings and facilities

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