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Mail Pouch Barn Somerset County PA 1978

Mail Pouch Barn PA

Mail Pouch Barn
Somerset County, PA
August 1978

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  1. Paul Wolynic Jan 22nd 2014

    This Mail Pouch Barn was my Aunt & Uncle Gontis. Both have passed away. As a young boy my family went out here from New York every summer in 50’s & 60’s. we stayed at my grandmothers house right by barn. I would help milk the cows, feed the chickens & pick corn. These were some of the best times of my life. My mother grew up here as a child in nearby Acosta. I had many cousins, it was a family reunion every summer. Last time I was out this way about 7 – 8 yearsrs ago at a wedding with my family we rode past the barn & I was heart broken. The barn was torn down to make way for new house. I was able to salvage some old barn door hinges & bricks from silo. The barn & property was sold. Many great memories as a boy coming out here every year.
    Paul B. Wolynic

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