History of Bucks County Covered Bridges

Bucks County Pennsylvania has 12 covered bridges still standing. At one time Bucks county had approx. 54 bridges standing. This is a huge amount of bridges still standing in a county especially amazing is that many of these bridges have been plaque with devastating issues over the years. The county still have bridges that have been destroyed by arson, damaged from storms, and vehicles. Some bridges however, have collapsed from neglect.

Bucks County is a beautiful place to visit in Pennsylvania, and you can easily see these bridges all in the same day. Every year Bucks County hosts a covered bridge festival that raises money for the preservation of these bridges so that future generations can visit and enjoy the bridges.

If you ever get a chance to visit Bucks county, be sure to visit these bridges. To get more Information about these bridges and the Bucks Covered Bridge Festival visit Bucks Covered Bridge Society website.

The 12 bridges left in Bucks County are

Cabin Run Covered Bridge
BUILT in 1871.

Frankenfield Covered Bridge
BUILT in 1872. This bridge is one of the longest covered bridges in the County.

Erwinna Covered Bridge
Built in 1832. Bucks County’s shortest covered bridge.

The Loux Covered Bridge
BUILT in 1874.

South Perkasie Covered Bridge
BUILT in 1832 It was moved to Lenape Park in 1958.

Uhlerstown Covered Bridge
BUILT in 1832, this bridge has windows on both sides. I

Knecht’s Covered Bridge
Built in 1873, this bridge is also known as “Slifer’s Bridge”.

Mood’s Covered Bridge
Built in 1874 Mood’s Covered Bridge is one of the most used bridges in Bucks County. Its timbers were damaged by a truck in 1993 and it was subsequently restored, but was struck again by another truck in January 2004 and then was almost completely destroyed by arson in June of 2004.

Pine Valley Covered Bridge
Built in 1842 is also known as “Iron Hill Bridge”.

Schofield Ford Covered Bridge
Built in 1873, it burned down in 1991, and was rebuilt in 1997 is the longest in Bucks County. Also known as “Twining Ford Bridge”.

Sheard’s Mill Covered Bridge
Built in 1873.

Van Sant Covered Bridge
Built in 1875, and also known as “Beaver Dam Bridge”.