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Willow Tree

Willow Tree 1966

Willow Tree 1875
Greene County PA
Burned 1966


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  1. Mr. Yenerall,

    Can you tell me the exact location of this former bridge? I’m trying to locate the homestead of my ancestors (Gregg family, c. 1795-1900), and I’m told it was in the vicinity of this bridge, near the village of Willow Tree.

    John Rohrman

  2. Grandpap had old maps that I now have, and I will try to look up that information this weekend.

    The problem with the old maps is that they have changed the names of the roads, I will try to scan it in, or take a photo of where he had marked where the bridge was standing. Hopefully it will help you figure out the location you are seeking.

  3. I am also interested in the exact location or maps of any sort on this bridge. My ancesters Benjamin Morley had a Tavern at Willow Tree. WT is at the T of the road between Headly Heights and Guards Fort, I do not know the road numbers. I have paused few times on trips during this past summer to glance around there but do not remember spotting the stone base of the demo bridge. We appreciate any efferts you can make to narrow this down. Lo9cals should know where it was.

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