Wood Churches

Wood Church Photos

There were wooden Churches along almost every route he drove. He couldn’t resist the temptation to stop and take some photos the beautiful wood churches. Even to this day, I personally love old Wood Churches. You can still feel the peacefulness of the buildings. I think that wooden churches are more inviting than huge newer churches.  There are still many wood churches around, not only in Pennsylvania, but you can also find many located in rural and small towns in most states.

I have several of these photos made into 8×10’s and they came out beautifully they are framed and look great.  I also think that the small cemeteries that they have beside them (at least many of the small wood churches do), give them character and creates an awesome photo opportunity.

Click on a photo for more details about where the Church was located. We took all the information off of the slide itself which was written when the photo was taken.

There were many photos of these churches in his collection. He took photos every chance he could of the wood churches. He not only took photos of the wood churches, but any unique churches that he came across.

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