One Room Schools

One Room School Photos

I do think that my grandfather did attend a one room school when he did go to school, even if he didn’t he sure did love taking photographs of one room schools. Here is what is in the Fred Yenerall Collection on One Room School Houses. You really don’t see many of these around any more but you can enjoy the photos that he had of them.

I remember going with him when he took some of the photos. I do know that some of the structures that he took were in bad shape at that time so probably most of these structures are no longer standing or maybe luckily they were restored back to original.

One of the One Room Schools that we went to seemed way out of the way, really off of the well traveled road, how he even knew it was there I will never know, but he knew exactly where it was, and he had marked it on the map and off we went.

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