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Saucks or Sachs
Adams County
Photo taken July 1964

Crosses: Marsh Creek
Length: 100 ft
Built 1854 – Restored 1997

Bridge is owned by the Gettsburg Preservation Association.

1938: Pennysvanlia declared it the most Historic bridge in the state.

1863: It was crossed by the Confederate and Union armies during the Civil war. During the Civil War it was used as a hospital.

Builder: David Stoner
Length: 100 ft
Closed to traffic: 1968
Truss Town Lattace – This is the only bridge in Adams County with this truss

It was damaged during a flood on June 19, 1996, which washed the bridge 100 yards downstream.

It was repaired by raising it 3 additional feet to prevent future flooding.

Haunted History:
A folklure about this bridge is that its haunted, that 3 Conferate soldiers were caught after deserting their unit, and hung from this bridge.

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  1. Claresse Aug 22nd 2009

    I just wanted to tell you that your photos are absolutely beautiful. I love seeing all the old covered bridges, mills, mailpouch tobacco barns, etc. I just loved when I was a kid and we would go for “Sunday Drives” to see the bridges through Lancaster, Berks, and Bucks counties.
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.

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