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Lily’s Mill

Lily's Mill

Lilly’s Mill
Photo Date: May 1966

Creek: Conewago Creek
Span: 1
Length: 92′
Truss: Burr
Builder Joseph T. Smith
Built 1881


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  1. Lily’s Mill Covered Bridge once had a gristmill nearby, in fact anytime you see,read about or hear of a Covered Bridge with “mill” in its title, you can be sure there used to be a grist or flour mill in the vicinity.
    May I suggest to All bridger’s, please include the Mill with the Covered Bridge, when taking photos.

  2. Greg Mummert Apr 12th 2014

    Have pictures of Lilly’s mill . Lilly’s original owned 400 acres four family farms ,all four still present , mill gone

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