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Silver Springs covered bridge 1969

Silver Springs 1969- Destroyed in 1972

Silver Springs Covered Bridge
This bridge was reported to have been 246 feet long, and built in 1884.
It was destroyed by a flood in 1972.
This photo was taken April 1969.
This bridge is no longer standing.

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  1. Ron Martin Sep 25th 2011

    Yes, we lost all of our big ones on 22 June 1972 thanks to Tropical Storm Agnes. An event which was neither expected nor predicted by meteorologists at the time, with their – by today’s standards – primitive weather forecasting equipment. Agnes was on her way out to sea to the northeast like most of these storms do, but she was unexpectedly picked up and pulled inland by a cut-off low pressure system over western New York. The storm essentially rained itself out over a six-day period, leaving Cumberland County with only 2 covered bridges, and my home Dauphin County with 1 (out of 14) not counting the landspan at Fort Hunter Museum.

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